Hand Warmer Pad

Shelf time:
Heat Patch
Torque Characteristic:
Keep parts of body warm in winter
Easy to use, no odor, no microwave radiation, no stimulus to skin

Product details description

                  Hand Warmer Pad

Item nameHand Warmer Patch/Pocket warmer patch Size9.2cm*5.5cm
ColorWhiteHeating duration8 hours
Ave. temperature53 °CPeak temperature65°C
Package1patch/bagShelf life3 years
Active IngredientsIron powder, Vermiculite, active carbon, water, and salt

1) easy to use, no odor, no microwave radiation, no stimulus to skin

2) natural ingredients, safe and environment-friendly

3) heating is simple, no need for outside energy, No batteries, no microwaves, no fuels

4) Multi-function, relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation

5) suitable for indoor and outdoor sports

IndicationMainly to keep parts of the body warm in winter, and relieve the pains from  rheumatic, stiff neck and shoulder, backaches, muscular fatigues, arthritis, and other diseases because of  cold weather

1. Natural ingredients, no side effect

2. Air-activated heating

3. Long lasting& effective

4. It offers warm security to all kinds of crowd

5. Relive pains in your body from the cold


1) Open the pouch, tear off the safeguard paper, and stick the pad onto your underwear, forbid sticking on the skin directly.

2) Please remove the pouch slowly after use in order to avoid damage to the clothes.