Maximize Mobility with Pain Relief Transdermal Patch

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Experience fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief with the new Pain Relief Transdermal Patch from KONGDY. This innovative patch delivers powerful natural pain relief ingredients directly through your skin for targeted relief where you need it most.

The Pain Relief Transdermal Patch provides:

Fast, Effective Pain Relief

Our proprietary transdermal patch technology allows the natural active ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin for fast relief within minutes. The ingredients continue working for up to 12 hours.

All-Natural Ingredients

The patch contains natural pain relievers like menthol and camphor oil to block pain receptors and reduce inflammation. 

Long-Lasting Comfort

Enjoy extended relief from back, neck, knee, and muscle pain for up to 12 hours per patch. The hands-free format makes it ideal for use anytime, anywhere.

Targeted Application

Apply the patch directly to painful areas for focused relief right where you need it most. The transparent patch blends discreetly into your skin. 

Target key pain points like:

- Lower back - For relief from chronic low back pain or strains

- Neck - To alleviate neck tension and soreness 

- Knees - For relief from arthritis, injuries, strains

- Shoulders - To ease shoulder and rotator cuff pain

- Elbows - To reduce tennis or golfer's elbow discomfort

- Ankles - To relieve swollen, sore, or sprained ankles

- Feet - To alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs

Pain Relief Transdermal Patch direct and localized delivery means you get convenient pain relief where you need it when you need it. Just apply to painful spots for fast-acting, long-lasting targeted pain relief.

Improved Mobility and Function

Experience less pain and stiffness so you can stay active and move with greater comfort and flexibility. 

Clinically Tested

The Pain Relief Transdermal Patch is clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. Our patented transdermal patch technology is trusted by doctors for pain management.

Experience superior pain relief and improved mobility with the  Pain Relief Transdermal Patch.

Our fast-acting, long-lasting patches use patented technology to deliver powerful natural ingredients directly through your skin to target pain right at the source. 

Regain your active lifestyle and do the things you love pain-free. Welcome to try our pain relief transdermal patch.

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