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 Trusted Provider of Capsicum Plaster for Over 35 Years

KONGDY has been providing high-quality Capsicum Plaster to customers for over 35 years. Our decades of experience and dedication to excellence have made us a trusted brand known for effective pain relief. 

The Many Benefits of KONGDY Capsicum Plaster

KONGDY's Capsicum Plaster provides targeted, customizable pain relief through the power of capsicum. Here are some of the key benefits our plasters offer:

- Fast-acting pain relief - Capsicum works quickly to dull pain signals. 

- All-natural ingredients - Made from extracts of capsicum peppers. Does not contain harsh chemicals. 

- Flexible and adjustable - Can be cut to the shape and size needed for localized pain relief.

- Stays in place - Breathable adhesive keeps plaster securely on the skin.

- Safe for repeated use - Can be used multiple times per day without skin irritation.

What Makes KONGDY Capsicum Plaster Special?

KONGDY goes above and beyond to create the highest-quality Capsicum Plaster:

- Precision manufacturing - State-of-the-art facilities and strict quality control ensure consistency.

- Advanced formula - Our proprietary extract of capsicum is extremely potent and effective. 

- Premium materials - Plaster backing and adhesive provide superior adhesion and breathability.

- Thirty years of R&D - Continuous research ensures our plasters stay at the leading edge.

KONGDY Capsicum Plaster Uses

KONGDY Capsicum Plaster can provide targeted relief for:

- Back pain

- Joint pain 

- Arthritis

- Muscle strains

- Bruises

- Sprains

It can be used virtually anywhere on the body safely and effectively. The versatile plaster molds to knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, lower back, and other problem areas.

Try KONGDY Capsicum Plaster for Proven Pain Relief

With over 35 years of experience providing high-quality Capsicum Plaster to satisfied customers, KONGDY is a brand you can trust. Experience rapid, all-natural pain relief with our advanced formula. Shop our selection of Capsicum Plasters today!

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